Bachelor of Baking and Pastry Arts

Pastry Arts Bachelor

During 4 years, this program prepares you to be an Executive Pastry Chefs or Bakery owner, likewise some schools may include Chocolatier; learning the basics such as Nutrition and Menu developments.

In the real work your job depends on what you know, so this program provides training based in creation, management skills and liberal arts; chasing practical training with top chefs looking for an employ opportunity after graduation.

The required courses would be: Liberal Arts Education such as Science, History, and English as same as Business and Management Classes in Accounting and Finance. Other inclusions are: Specialty Breads, Artisan Baking, Dessert Menu Creation, and Chocolate Confectioneries.

The importance of this program is to learn the creation, artisan and specialty baking and pastry, being necessary: Fine Sense of Taste and Smell, Reading and Understanding Recipes, Business Management Skills, Menu Design and Applying.