Professional Baker

Professional Baker

A professional baker is able to mix ingredients to create baked goods for customers or industrial environments. You could go around the world to find variety because baking is creation of breads and pastries from all over, and having the option to work in a specialty shop baking as the producer or in local shops where do not have the chance to make their own.

This program will teach you techniques and approach of the kitchen in order to gain both, efficiency and quality knowing how to use the ingredients, ways of mixing and the necessary equipment. Furthermore, your knowledge will include administrative and business details, sanitation, nutrition, health regulations, production processes and chemistry.

A baker is responsible of mixing and baking goods in quantities. But, bakers they are also involved in manufacturing, distribution and sale being sure they are providing customer satisfaction. Likewise, according to experts they are responsible of:
     "Monitor and operate all baking equipment. Follow health, safety and sanitation standards. Produce all bakery products to our quality standards. Interact with and educate our guests on our amazing bakery product line." - Panera Bread.

     "Mom and Pop Operation, we are currently looking for a baker that would prepare our morning baked goods, including muffins, scones, coffee cake, Danish and many more. Also will be in charge of making cookie dough, cheesecakes etc." - The Elegant Touch.
Important required courses are: cakes, yeast doughs, baking techniques, breads, pastry dough, icings, cakes decoration, fillings, and chocolate confections. Because of the baking world is made of sugars (fondant, nougats, syrups, caramels, glazes); frozen desserts, desserts based on egg theory (mousses, creme brulee, soufflés, bread pudding), yeasted dough (temperature control, hydration, methods for kneading, fermentation, and formation).

Like a professional baker you must to know how many calories are in the foods you bake. For examples, have control about calories in milk that you are using to make a dessert is required to calculate total calories of your elaborate products.

Most bakers start out as apprentices in craft or store bakeries but there are other options like courses in cake decorating in a local community college or correspondence school. The experts say:
     "The ideal candidate will possess skills of being self-motivated, organization and food preparation/service, and a high school diploma or equivalent. Minimum of 2 years prior food service industry experience in a bakery, kitchen or related role preferred. Schedule flexibility is required and will include 4 + overnight shifts/week as necessary to meet bakery needs." - Atlanta Bread Company.

     "Must have at least three years of experience as a baker's helper specializing in European chocolates and French pastry. Must have at least one year of Culinary School experience. Must have knowledge of health and safety procedures, sanitation practices, and weights and measures." - Bellagio.