Culinary Arts Associate's

Culinary Arts Associate

This program will teach you the culinary arts by practical training in the kitchen, courses about nutrition, food preparation, and international cuisine developing in you skills to become an entry-level cook, chef, or other culinary specialist.

Some reasons why students choose this program are:
     Action in food preparation and presentation.
     Maintenance in hands-on learning bringing out practical training.
     Basic learning of management in a culinary or hospitality setting.
     Introduction to pastries.
Some of the required courses are: Catering and Banquets, Nutrition, International Cuisines, and Food Preparation and Safety.

Learning is the most important so the students will know all about the basics of: Food Preparation, Management in Customer Service and Communication; including: Ability for invoices and purchasing, Aptitude for culinary and international cuisine preparations, and Basics in baking and pastry.