Culinary Arts Diploma

Culinary Arts Chef

Able to work in a fast paced environment as a challenging and rewarding career, and the creation of food has to be enjoyed by those who love the eating and the culinary experience.

In fact, this program will train you on the fundamentals of food preparation and the correct use of the kitchen equipment. Furthermore, there are many specialized culinary arts programs helping the students to find out what their preferences are according to the type of food they want to prepare.

Nowadays, more cookers with experience will be needed to prepare food just because the number of people who dine out is increasing giving you the opportunity to think about this great career. A big factor to consider is people preferences which have been changing; this means a chef has to have the enough experience cooking different types of food.

The basic required courses include: Basic management, Kitchen equipment, Food preparation, and Dessert presentation.

The most important skills acquired are: Baking and pastry preparation, Sugar and desserts, and Meals preparation.

Also, the student will develop basic courses such as: Creativity, Communications, Presentation, Interpersonal Skills, and Culinary Management.