Nutrition Science

Nutrition Cooking

Do you like cooking delicious but at the same time nutritiously? So do, this program will interest you because is a fusion of food and nutrition, opening the door for a different types of job based in the health industry.

The students will learn the most important principles of good nutrition, health effects and nutritional health achievement. Besides, they will relate as Dieticians and Medicine Health Care.

Basics of good nutrition and health must be associated with this program, so some required courses will be: Nutrition Researches, Physiology, Management in Food Service, Chemistry & Nutrition Biochemistry, Biology & Anatomy, Clinical Nutrition, Food Science, Infectious Diseases, Basic Computer, etc.

At the end of the program the students will be able to deduce effects of a mental and physical health, to do and supervise nutritional plan programs, to use nutrition in order to prevent diseases, and to prepare healthy food.