Types of Culinary Degrees

More types of Chef Degrees

     AA: Associate of Arts Culinary Arts Degree
     AAC: American Academy of Chefs
     AAS: Associate of Applied Science Culinary Arts Degree
     BA: Bachelor of Arts in Culinary Arts
     BS: Bachelor of Science in Culinary Arts
     CAGS: Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study
     CC: Certified Culinarian
     CCC: Certified Chef de Cuisine
     CCE: Certified Culinary Educator
     CCM: Certified Club Manager
     CCP: Certified Culinary Professional
     CDM: Certified Dietary Manager
     CDN: Certified Dietetics Nutritionist
     CEC: Certified Executive Chef
     CEPC: Certified Executive Pastry Chef
     CFBE: Certified Food and Beverage Executive
     FBM: Certified Food and Beverage Manager
     CFE: Certified Food Executive
      CFSC: Certified Food Service Consultant
     CFSM: Certified Food Service Manager
     CHA: Certified Hotel Administrator
     CHAE: Certified Hospitality Accounting Executive
     CHE: Certified Hospitality Educator
     CHM: Certified Hospitality Manager
     CMB: Certified Master Baker
     CMC: Certified Master Chef
     CMPC: Certified Master Pastry Chef
     CPC: Certified Pastry Culinarian
     CRDE: Certified Rooms Division Executive
     CSC: Certified Sous Chef
     CWC: Certified Working Chef
     CWPC: Certified Working Pastry Chef
     DFS: Doctor of Food Service
     DTR: Dietetic Technician, Registered
     EdD: Doctor of Education
     EPC: Executive Pastry Chef
     FADA: Fellow of the American Dietetic Association
     FMP: Food Service Management Professional
     FCSI: Foodservice Consultants Society International
     LD: Licensed Dietitian
     LRD: Licensed Registered Dietician
     MA: Master of Arts
     MBA: Master of Business Administration
     MEd: Master of Education
     MHRIM: Master of Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Management
     MOF: Meilleur Ouvrier de France
     MPC: Master Pastry Chef
     MPH: Master of Public Health
     MPS: Master of Professional Studies
     MS: Master of Science
     MSA: Master of Science in Administration
     MSEd: Master of Science in Education
     RD: Registered Dietitian