Scholarship Process

Process Scholarships

The process, sometimes could take months or days, depending on the school that you are applying, and the Foundation that will give you the scholarship. The Scholarship process would include these steps:


Mostly, the schools establish the most important factors, such as:
     Acceptance to applicants with senior in high school or those who plan to enroll in an associate or bachelor's degree program into an accredited cooking school.
     Students with financial need demonstration.
     There are no renewable scholarships, so the students can reapply for a new one while they fulfil the requirements.
     Sometimes, the students could apply for more than just one scholarship program.


The selection for the recipients will be made according to:
     Their past academic performance.
     Their future evaluation in:
       Activities participation
       Work experience
       Educational aspirations and goals
       Unusual personal or family circumstances
       Financial need
       An outside appraisal


An application must be completed with grades, it could be one o more set of appliances, depending on the Scholarship Foundation. Besides, you are the only responsible for gathering and submitting the needed information.

The revision of your application will be evaluated by a selected committee established by the foundation, and the most important for you is try to answer all the questions as completely as possible, because sometimes the committee will not evaluate those which no complete information.


The Foundation or school makes the payments by instalments, it could be one or two, and it will depend on the school you have applied, and delivery mostly by checks to the recipients home address being payable to the school for the student.


Most of the Foundations do not force the recipients for any obligation. However, the communication between them must be constant, because both of them have to notify each other any relevant change of information.


This term refers to the right of reservation of the Foundation or School, to review and change anytime, the conditions and procedures of the scholarship program, including the termination of the program.

 Financial Aid:

Because of, it is necessary the financial data information, some of the important facts that most of Schools and/or Foundations take care are:
     Who has completed the financial application (dependent or independent).
     Residence, where to pay the taxes (State).
     Parent's or applicant's income.
     Total Federal Tax Paid.
     Untaxed Income and Benefits.
     Medical and Dental Expenses.
     Total Cash used for educational expenses.
     Number of Family Members.
     Marital Status.
     Number of Family Members attending College.