Types of Scholarships

Types Scholarships

 Merit Scholarships:

This kind of scholarship is very competitive, provided in different forms, and it is maybe the most common use. Based on the academic field excellence and the achievements awarded for the students.

The selected students could be according to the top GPA or excellent SAT scores.

 Need-Based Scholarships:

Basically is given purely on financial means. It is destined for those with no money sources but have the conviction to achieve their academic dreams.

Some reasons to get this scholarship are: two or more siblings in school at the same time, parents' income, cost of living, expenses, etc.

 Athletic Scholarships:

It is given for those outstanding students in sports. They are generally recruited to be part of the teams inside the schools or universities.

The good news is the students complete their education free of charge, but they have to be really good in sports due to they have to overwork in team sports.

 School-Based Individual Scholarships:

Most of the schools used to bring different types of scholarships, which are given to them as donations by Universities, Institutions, Foundations, etc.

According to the school, you could directly apply for it or if you get an acceptance by the school you are consider as a possible winner.

Here, there are some of the most important types of scholarships, take your time and find your own!
  • Under Age 13 Scholarships
  • There are two federal laws that must verify the parental consent for children under age 13; thought it is hard to find out much information here you will find places that offer this type of scholarship.

  • Average Students Scholarships
  • There are many students that do not necessary have a great average, however do not miss the chance to lose an average student scholarship.

  • Honored Scholarships and Institutions
  • These scholarships are the most well known, lucrative, and competitive among others; here you will find them for both, Undergraduate Scholarships and Graduate Fellowships.

  • Scholarships for people related with Cancer
  • Offered to help people, including their relatives, there are hundreds of organizations which give scholarships to those people that have been a patient or a survivor of Cancer.

  • Special Scholarships
  • Because of there is special people, here you will find specials scholarships.