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Use Your Creative Cooking Skills For Employment
If you always find yourself in the kitchen trying the latest creative cooking recipe's or altering a tried and true recipe for a unique taste and appearance, why not consider a career doing what you love?

Places To Find Cooking Jobs Stateside And Abroad

Cooking jobs are a creative and fun way to earn a decent living. If you are looking locally you have many great options for finding jobs available. If you want or need to relocate Cooking job websites can be an extremely useful tool in obtaining culinary employment abroad. Good cooks are always in demand in any US city. Online opportunities are available for US at state jobs.

If you want to see the world while working or need to relocate for any reason a great way to find International cooking jobs is online at International Job Offers Website. Advance search cooking jobs by country or location to see great opportunities in your desired area.

Applying For A Cooking Job

Draw off any related past experience you may have when applying for a cooking job. Past employment can include employment in a restaurant, fast food venue, cooking samples at a local food store for customers to try a new or improved product, or a bar and grill. If you do not have past employment these suggestions may help you get your foot in the door to a cooking job.

Create Your Resume

Create the perfect resume using an office program or an online resume maker. Be sure to include any related education or work experience. In a separate area highlight all your past achievements such as winning awards at a local bake-off, etc. Include a cover letter detailing your short and long term goals as well as how working for a specific company will benefit the company.

Interview For That Perfect Cooking Job

You got the interview! Tips to getting that perfect cooking job are arriving on time, bring your resume if one has not been forwarded by this point, and have a professional appearance. Get that job by offering flexibility. Many employers need gap coverage when someone calls off sick. By offering a flexible schedule, you will get a heads up on the competition.

Negotiating A Salary

Negotiating a fair cooking job salary is the tricky part. Many aspects will play into the salary including how much the establishment is willing to spend (which many times is not revealed), the menu and clientele, previous experience and education. Do your homework by checking local cooking job salaries online. You will get an average of how much is offered in compensation in a specific area. Note that past experience will play a major part in determining your cooking job salary.


Job Outlook Job Outlook
Outlook in culinary industry is increased due to expansion of restaurants which demand workers.
Job Search Job Search
Cooking Jobs offer a list of culinary jobs in different specialties, and at the same time it will give you the chance to move forward and get your job goals.

Resume Tips
Resume Tips
Basic Resume Tips is a guide to start a resume with the purpose to convince the employer and obtain an interview.
Apply for a Job
Apply for a Job
Applying for a cooking job requires a full understanding of the job's responsibilities an duties ahead of time.
Job Interview
Job Interview
Preparing for a cooking interview will allow you to feel more confident regardless of the location you want to work in.
If you want to know the average salary of certain culinary jobs then you may want to use a salary calculator tool.
Job Resignation
Job Resignation
Resignation is never a positive experience, unless you already have something set up for what comes after.