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Common questions

Common resume questions

 Resume definitions:

  • People says, the first impression is the one that matters, and maybe they are right because when is time to look for a job, most organizations and places will ask for your resume.

  • So that, a resume must be done with lot of care naming exactly who you are and what you know.

  • Basically, your resume must introduce yourself clearly and concisely, describing your experience, abilities and training.

  • Also, used for your employers, as a record of your information while you stay at the organization.

  • Once, your resume is made, take a look and check it out again, because it could be a great resume for you, but it must be a great one for your employers because it must cover their needs; this is a reason why you must understand every employer to know what their preferences areas.

 Evaluation and Interviewers:

  • The evaluation will be according to the employment you are looking for; if that would be a private house or a small restaurant, the evaluation will be by the owner or the manager, in an informal discussion.

  • But, if you are applying for a hotel or corporation, the evaluation will on charge of human resource professionals distributed by departments. Otherwise, if you are presenting a resume for a private club, you could pass by the personnel office and the club members.

  • Be sure that the person in charge of read your resume would have not time, so always try to make an easy resume to understand and it will be helpful at the moment of your hire.

  • Besides, you should consider your needs and time limitations, trying to guess what the assessor would like to know about you including what you have done, for how long, your knowledge in food costs, labor cost, projections, menus and wine lists, about previous places you have worked for, its products, special skills, experience, marketing, marketability, teamwork, management environments, language skills, and ethnic cooking experience.