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Do not do in a resume!

Do not do in a resume

  Keep together themes of Experience with Employment Histories;
  • Do not ever separate your experience from your employment histories.
  • It is really important to make first a list of what you have done, followed by the list of the organizations you have worked for.
  Do not be hard with yourself;
  • Your resume is not all, the next step is the personal interview and they will ask you about your qualities for minutes or hours, according to their time.
  • This will be the moment where you have to demonstrated your creativeness and interpersonal skills showing you easy learning.
  Pay attention;
  • Open your eyes, mind and ears trying not to forget the names of the interviewers and their suggestions, recommendations, or tasks they would give you.
  Be a good writer;
  • But this does not mean to write poetry or in a fancy way. Just write like you were telling a history to a friend or a relative.
  Still studying?
  • Consider really important to not list incomplete courses or degrees as completed ones.
  • It will be better to be honest and just say that you are in progress of education amplifying your knowledge.
  Do not change facts;
  • No matter what the problem was or is, do not change any fact in your resume, due to the jury will try to confirm this information.
  • On the other hand, be honest and give permission to them to confirm your statements.
  Do not lie about your position;
  • Not even innocently. Watch out of overstate a position, because you would create some problems and the owner or the mainly boss in the dinning room will be unlikely to hire someone who is already a general manager.
  • Besides, they would think you can not difference between two positions.
  Do not talk about discrimination;
  • Should not be not important for you or the rest of the team talk about nationality, place of birth, health, race, financial status, creed, marital status, age, sex, etc. on the job.
  • Also, do not include a personal photograph on your resume.