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Resume Presentation

Resume presentation

Some readers and the jury could consider important the presentation of the resume, due to it represents yourself, you could be careful including some details, cleanliness and simplicity at the same time.

Also you should consider sideways, format, appearance, impression, file container, etc. and many more details, such as we listed below.

 Number of pages:

  • Do not use many scans.

  • Present your information in an appropriate readable form.

  • Use just enough pages to write about your experience.

  • Put an introductory page listing places, years and positions.

  • Use a page to show everything at a glance.

  • Use black fonts with block presentation.

 Easy to locate:

  • Use color paper to accentuate important parts.

  • Utilise paper with colored borders.

  • Might be useful a resume with a thin, bright teal stripe on the bottom.

  • A line of color along the bottom.


  • Bold or capital letters to show what you want to be read first.

  • Many types of fonts or letter styles changing their sizes.

  • Put dates of employment in the left margin and the name of the restaurant in bold type; to show for how long and what you have worked.

  • Underlines dates, title and location in bold print.

  • Could be useful fancy folders with transparent covers.

 Fax or Mail:

  • Fax it if the organization requires your resume immediately.

  • Due to the copy by fax would be hard to read, might be better try to print it.

  • Ask if they rather faxed or mailed resumes.

  • To be sure of the organization has received it, will be better if you print, fax and mail it.

 A professional word processing program:

  • Your position will be according to your way of presentation of your resume.

  • You are the only one who knows better about your business.

  • Maintain the control over the process according to your experiences.

  • Rather to use a word processing program in order to have better styles and fonts.

  • Keep a copy of your resume on a disk of your computer, as same as on external disks.

  • Save printed copies of your complete resume.

  • Do not trust on a writing service, they may not be very qualified to handle it.

  • Check out the terminology, even the best resume writer may not know about specialized terms.

  • List your positions and dates from the most recent job back.

  • Use a separate sheet of paper of index card for each job you have worked.

  • List the particulars of each job on its card, first the restaurant particulars then your job description.

  • Complete the information on the cards for education, summary, special skills, and awards, honours and special events.

  • Put the cards in order and fill in the spaces.

 For example:

    12/07 to 10/08 Responsible for goods production, supervision of baked and preparations goods, receiving, storage and inventory for 200 seat Italian Restaurant. Andreas Biagio, owner: (206)-555-1234