Libyan cuisine

Libyan dish

 Libyan cuisine derives from culinary traditions of the Mediterranean and North Africa, and it has been influenced by Italian cuisine as a legacy when Libya was an Italian colony that is why pasta is common, and many seafood dishes are available.

 The most common fruits and vegetables in Libyan dishes are onions, tomatoes, chilies, cayenne pepper, saffron, chickpeas, mint, cilantro, parsley, figs, dates, oranges, apricots and olives. Between meats Libyan dishes include lamb or chicken, and pork is forbidden according religious laws of Islam.

 The most popular Libyan dishes are the following:
  • Sharba Libiya or Libyan soup that is a thick highly-spiced soup.
  • Bazin that is the most recognizable Libyan food, which is made of a mixture of mainly barley flour, with a little plain flour and it is served with lemon and fresh or pickled chillies known as amsayar.
  • Batatan mubatana that consists of fried potato pieces filled with spiced minced meat and covered with egg and breadcrumbs.
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