Nigerian cuisine

Nigerian dish

  Nigerian cuisine is one the most ethnical in the world due to it has the diverse countries influences including people and cultures. Also, this is the reason there are different foods available, which depend on the season.

  Their most principal ingredients are fruits such as oranges, melons, grapefruits, limes, mangoes, bananas, and pineapples. In the other hand, the people of the northern region eat beans, sorghum and brown rice; because according to their religion they are prohibited to eat pork.

  In the eastern part, people rather eat gari, dumplings, pumpkins, and yams; many spices, herbs, palm oil, chilli peppers.

  Their most common dishes are Afang, Iyan, Amala, Lafun, Groundnut stew, Chin chin, Draw soup, Eba, Egusi soup, Fried plantain or Dodo, Fufu, Iru, Jollof rice, Kunu, Moimoi, Ogbono soup, Suya, Sobo, Efo soup, Corn soup, Pate, Kosai and Coconut rice.

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