Senegal Cuisine

Senegalese dish

  Senegalese cuisine is alike to other West African cuisines and some influence from European cultures, and especially the French.

  Among their most used ingredients are meat such as chicken, lamb, beef, but not pork; peanuts; couscous; white rice; bananas; sweet potatoes; lentils; black-eyed beans; vegetables; herbs and spices; etc.

  Some of their representative dishes are Ceebu jen, Yassa, Maafe, Bassi-salté, Sombi, Capitaine á la Saint-Lousienne, Poisson á la braise, Dibi, ThiouFondé, etc.

  Their desserts are mainly prepared with native ingredients giving as a result a very rich and sweet combination with an extravagant French style; and most of the desserts are accompanied by fresh fruits; some of them are Thiakry, Cing Centimes and Banana Glace.

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