Argentine cuisine

Argentinean dish

  Argentinean Cuisine is quite different from other Southern American cuisines due to its Spanish, Italian and European influences, as same as indigenous like Quechua, Mapuche, and Guarani influences.

  Being one of the biggest producers of food in the world, Argentina has many quantities of meat and especially beef, wheat, corn, milk, beans, and soybeans, white bread. However, according to their socioeconomic facts, there are to types of cuisines: the urban and cosmopolitan and the rural cuisine.

  Asado, which is barbecued or grilled meat; milanesas, empanadas, pizza, al dente pasta, tallarines, ñoquis, ravioles and canelones are the most typical dishes in Argentina, all of them accompanied by chimichurri, a sauce of herbs and chilli.

  Among principal desserts are Torta Galesa, Sandwiches de miga, cakes, pancakes, alfajores, Dulce de batata, dulce de leche, dulce de membrillo, Martín Fierro's sweet, churros, etc.

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