Canadian cuisine

Canadian dish

  According to the region, the Canadian cuisine varies, but it mainly maintains the traditional British and French cuisines and both of them depend on the season ingredients, its cuisine includes baked foods, wild game, and gathered foods. However, Canadian cuisine has been influenced by Chinese, German, Ukrainian, Polish, and Scandinavian cuisines and all of them are widespread across Canada.

  More typical cuisine from the Artic and Canada is based on wild game, salt-cured fish, beef, and pork. Nowadays, Canadian cooking has adapted it cuisine to other immigrant cultures, incorporating new ingredients and recipes from around the world into their traditional recipes and ingredients such as wild blueberries and Saskatoon berries, fiddleheads, mussels, caribou, bison, salmon, wild rice, maple syrup and wine, beer, ice wine and cheeses.

  Some of their traditional food are Beans and toast, Wild Chanterelle, Ginger beef, Back or peameal bacon, Haddock and chips, Tourtière, Montreal smoked meat sandwich, Montreal smoked meat, Hearty breads, Pâté chinois, Bannock, Bouilli, Oreilles de Christ, Fiddlehead ferns, Montreal-style bagels, Sea vegetables, Fèves au Lard, Pemmican, Force meat, Oka cheese, Omelette du Fromage, Flipper pie, Toutins, etc.

  And among their most popular dessert, Canadian people can enjoy Jam busters, Apple pie, Various black licorices, Bumbleberry pie, Bakeapple Pie, Nanaimo bars, Butter tarts, Beaver tails, Sugar pie, Sucre à la crème, Nougabricot, Candy apple, Figgy duff, Flapper Pie, and many more.

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