Costa Rican Cuisine

Costa Rican dish

  Costa Rican cuisine is characterized by its tasty, fairly mild and freshness due to fresh vegetables and fruits are the principal ingredients in many dishes including the squash family, zucchini, zapallo, chayote, and ayote, as same as potatoes, onion, and red pepper.

  Besides, the principal ingredient is known as gallo pinto, a mix of rice with black beans, which is eaten three times a day during the meal. Another typical dish is casado, which is accompanied by fish, pork chop or chicken roasted, a salad, some fried plantain, white cheese slices, and tortillas.

  Some Costa Rican food staples are corn tortillas, white cheese, picadillos, ticos, Terrine with Coconut-Date Vinaigrette, Tilapia, shredded chicken, lizano chilero, avarios de pajaros, and many more.

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