Puerto Rican Cuisine

Puerto Rican dish

  Puerto Rican Cuisine is a fusion of Spanish, Amerindian, North American, Ethiopian and Mexican cuisines; it is unique tasty blend combining indigenous seasonings and ingredients, known as Cocina Criolla.

  From around the world, Puerto Rican cuisine has received many ingredients, including wheat, garbanzos, olives, olive oil, black pepper, onions, garlic, cilantro, oregano, basil, sugarcane, orange, grapefruit, eggplant, ham, lard, chicken, beef, pork, and cheese from Spain; coconuts, coffee, okra, yams, sesame seeds, pigeon peas, sweet bananas, plantains, malanga, and Guinea hen from Africa; and pasta, sausages, cocoa, papaya, tomatoes, and avocados from United States.

  Besides, Puerto Rico started to eat seafood including Trunkfish, Pargo, Cod, Conch, Octopus, Oysters, Salmon, Salt codfish, Shrimp, Tuna fish, West Indian Great Land, Crab; some spices and seasonings such as adobo, pique verde boricua, pique criollo, mojito isleño, alcaparrado, achiote, cilantro, garlic, ajicitos, ají caballero, onions, cachucha peppers, sofrito, orégano brujo, cinnamon, nutmeg, sazon, ajilimójili, picadillo, etc.

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