Indonesian Cuisine

Indonesian dish

  The Indonesian cuisine is made of a vast variety of people mixing cultures and influences from mainly the Malay world, India, the Middle East, China, Spain and Portugal.

  The principal Indonesian dishes are satay; beef rendang; sambals; soy-based dishes like tofu (tahu) and tempeh; all of them are based on rice for both, dishes and desserts; fruits such as bananas and coconuts; fresh herbs and spices; etc.

  Furthermore, the Indonesian cuisine has been hardly influenced by the Chinese cuisine, creating the Indonesian Chinese Cuisine. This cuisine is a mix of Chinese dishes with extra chillies, coconut milk and some other spices.

  Some typical Chinese Indonesian food are Bakmi, Nasi goring, Mee goreng, Cap Cai, Tahu Goreng, Pau, Bak-Wan, Bak-So, Sa-Po, Lumpia, etc.

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