Japanese Cuisine

Japanese dish

  Japanese cuisine has a big list of dishes and regional specialities; this is because Japanese people have taken a little bit from all over the world getting the influence of Asian, European and Americas cuisines.

  Nowadays, the typical dishes in the Japanese cuisine are based on rice and/or noodles in a soup; okazu using fish, meat, vegetables and tofu; sauces such as dashi, miso and soy.

  Mostly, because Japan is an island nation, their typical ingredient is seafood, but there is also Buddhism dishes so there are vegetarian people.

  The Japanese cuisine uses a lot of ingredients, but the staple foods are rice, beans, eggs, flour, fruits, fu (wheat gluten), meats, mushrooms, noodeles, soy products, vegetables, and seafood such as finned fish, sea mammals, shellfish, crabs, roe, processed seafood and seaweed.

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