Spanish cuisine

Spanish dish

  Spanish cuisine is a mix of dishes based on its geography, culture and climate, reflecting the heavily influenced by seafood and combined by thousands of recipes and flavors.

  Through the time, Spain has been influenced by many cultures, adapting its cuisine to the discovery of the New World including the products from Iberia with wheat, Rome Empire and Phoenix with olives and America with tomatoes, potatoes, and peppers after the colonization.

  Many of its dishes vary according to the region, customs, and of course, the available of products for each one, so Spain has a multitude of recipes that could be considered common to all or almost all of Spain's regions. Some of their ingredients are migas, sausages, jamón Serrano, cheeses, beans like chickpeas, lentils and green beans; and many variations of bread; all of them used for their most typical dishes such as the potato omelette, paella, various stews, and some Spanish desserts, cakes, flan, custard, rice pudding, torrijas, churros, and madeleines, etc.

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