Turkish Cuisine

Turkish dish

  Turkish cuisine, as an Ottoman legacy, is a fusion of the Central Asian, Middle Eastern, West European and Balkan cuisines; and their most used item is the yogurt. Hence, Turkish cuisine is not homogeneous, such as, to the side of the Black Sea its cuisine is based on corn and anchovies; but the southeast is popular for its kebabs, mezes, baklava, kadayf and künefe.

  Among their principal ingredients, the olive oil is the base of its cuisine, and also some vegetables, herbs, and fish; as same as its desserts specialties; and the basic meat in Turkey is the lamb.

  Their more typical dishes are Doner kebab, Alanazik, Sac kavruma, Tandir, Kofte, Miroloto, Börek, etc; some appetizers are Cacik and Manti.

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