Aztec Cuisine

Aztecan dish

  Aztecan cuisine was based on maize, which played a central part in their mythology; as same as beans, honey, cacti, cacao, salt, chilli peppers and many fruits especially squash. Aztecan included in their diet many animals such as turkeys, fowls, pocket gophers, iguanas, axolotls, shrimp, fish, insects, larvae and insect eggs; as same as many types of mushrooms and fungi.

  The maize, that now is know as corn, came in many different types varying in color, texture, size and prestige and used as tortillas, tamales, or maize gruel. Besides, squash became very popular, it was used fresh, dried or roasted, including the seeds.

  Among their methods of cooking, they rather boiling or steaming in two pots or ollas, to be filled with food and heated over a fire.

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