Australia Cuisine

Australian dish

  Australian cuisine has its influences from the European cuisine, basically the British cooking. Hence, Australian cuisine is a fusion of many types of cuisine, among old and contemporary; it means a multicultural variety including Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Vietnamese, Greek, Lebanese, Moroccan and Italian cuisines based on low-salt, low-fat, light cook, colour, and steamed vegetables.

  Some of their principal ingredients are seafood, lamb roast, kangaroo meat, wichety grubs, etc. in order to prepare typical dishes such as British traditions like the pies, roasted and grilled meat accompanied by vegetables, very known as the "meat and three veg", the Irish stew, lasagna, kebabs, mousaka, sweet and sour pork, dim sums, hot curries, bouillabaisse, Creole carri poule, ghoulash, lahksa.

  Besides some basics and secrets ingredient are the world class Australian wine, delightful tangy fruits from the rainforests, aromatic herbs, pepperleaf and exquisite snowberries, and spicy tomatoes from the desert.

  Also, many of its desserts are based in fresh fruit, such as Anzac biscuits, Frozie cup, Frog cake, Lamingtons, Pavlova, Vanilla slice, Musk stick, etc.

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