Hawaii Cuisine

Hawaiian dish

  Hawaiian cuisine is a mix of many multi ethnic cuisines from those emigrants that came to the islands such as American, Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, Korean, Polynesian and Portuguese with all their own typical products, giving a multicultural cuisine.

  Also, each ethnic group established their own customs, for example Chinese introduced the method of stir and fry, mixing sweet and sour, and dim sum dishes.

  Hawaiian typical ingredients were taro, sweet potatoes, sea salt, and some yams. But, there were introduced some new products like bananas, coconuts, milk coconut, chicken, etc.; as same the immigrants taught them how to use fish, seafood, octopus, limu, bird eggs, etc. Nowadays, Hawaiian people use breadfruit, kukui, Polynesian arrowroot, ki, winged beans, coconut, etc. and meat like pork, beef, fish and seafood (tuna is the most important); and some spices including teriyaki, five spice, Char siu, wasabi, patis, bagoong, fish sauces, jicama, soy sauce, huli-huli sauce, etc.

  Some of their typical dishes are Chicken long rice, Kalua Pig, Crack seed, Kona coffee, Lau lau, Loco Moco, Lomi salmon, Malasada, Manapua, Mochi, Musubi, Opihi, Pasteles, Poi, Portuguese sweet bread, Saimin, Squid luau

  Recipes of Hawaii at Hawaii.edu and at HawaiiRecipes.net