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Food Management minor
MISSION STATEMENT To promote education, leadership, and advancement in the growing fields of hospitality and food management. H.F.M.A pro...
Address: 2000 W. University Ave.

Cibo's Bistro
COOKING CLASSES We love what we do at Cibo's and want to share our passion for fine cooking. So, we are now in the process of creating cooking cl...
Address:  22195 Pocket Road

Nutrition & Dietetics
Thank you for considering Nutrition & Dietetics as your professional career choice. We're happy that you're taking the time to review the wond...
Address: 355 N Lansing

Culinary Arts Program
The Culinary Arts program provides students with the basic knowledge needed for entry into the professional food industry. Instruction focuses on a ma...
Address: PO Box 849

The Pond House Inn Cooking Workshops
Workshops are scheduled last weekend in April and first weekend in December. -Pasta -Focaccia -Risotto -Polenta -Fresh Ricotta -The best roast ...
Address: PO Box 234

Food and Nutrition
A fast growing and widely diverse field, food and nutrition can appeal to students interested in a combination of food, health, science, business, and...
Address: 200 North Seventh Street

Hospitality Administration
Hospitality Administration offers Associate of Applied Science degrees and Technical Certificates, both offering two specialties: Culinary Arts and Ba...
Address: 3800 N. Anthony Blvd.

Culinary Arts
This degree will provide the necessary background to succeed in the Culinary Arts vocation. One and two-year certificates or the Associate of Applied ...
Address: 1000 Viking Drive

Bloomington Cooking School
The Bloomington Cooking School is moving into its 7 th year of operation. We are excited to head into spring with a great new schedule. Our guest and ...
Address: 115 N. College Avenue

Travel and Hospitality
The Ritz-Carlton is known for it. Disney created a new name for it. Customers expect it. Travel and Hospitality businesses know that great customer...
Address: 7205 Shadeland Station

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