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Hotel & Restaurant Management
Put your creative side to work in a job you love. The Associate in Occupational Studies Degree Program at Katharine Gibbs School New York can get you ...
Address: 50 West 40th Street

Food and Restaurant Management
All of us must eat and drink, and do so daily to obtain the energy and nutrients we need for growth and health, as well as to enjoy the social and cul...
Address: 35 West Fourth Street, 10th Floor

The Restaurant Management curriculum is a Hospitality Management Program designed to develop technical competence and prepare students for supervisory...
Address: 2805 State Hwy 67

Department of Hotel, Culinary Arts & Tourism
The Department of Hotel, Culinary Arts and Tourism offers 5 superb programs in the hospitality field: culinary arts ; hotel and restaurant management ...
Address: 78 Washington Avenue

The Center for Hospitality Research
The Center for Hospitality Research (CHR) is the leading source for quality research on and for the hospitality industry. It creates new knowledge – a...
Address: 410 Thurston Ave.

Food Service and Restaurant Administration
The hospitality industry is one of the largest employers in the United States. As Americans dine out and travel more frequently the demand for qualifi...
Address: 108 Ravine Parkway

Food Production
The Food Production Certificate program is for the student who is primarily interested in a Food Service concentration without the broad liberal arts ...
Address: 1000 East Henrietta Road

Culinary Arts Program
The New School offers a comprehensive culinary arts program including courses in cooking and baking, wine appreciation, and career training. More than...
Address: 30 West 26th St

Italian Culinary Center
The mission of the Italian Culinary Center (ICC) is to promote the Italian culture and tradition through the Italian cuisine. The Center’s activity t...
Address: 302 Fifth Ave., 9th Floor

Miette Culinary Studio
For those with a passion for food and a desire to learn, Miette Culinary Studio offers cooking classes with an emphasis on French technique, as well a...
Address: 109 MacDougal Street

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