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Nutrition Program
The Nutrition Program at Cedar Crest is dedicated to providing a broad nutrition background as well as training students to excel in medical nutrition...
Address: 100 College Dr.

Nutrition Minor
It is an important time to be involved in nutrition. New research in molecular biology offers great hope for changing the state of the science and adv...
Address: 418 Curie Boulevard

Culinary Arts
As a student, you will… * Operate the Hilltop Café Restaurant and retail pastry shop. * Plan for and cater banquets, dinner meetings and other s...
Address: 833 Metro Drive

The Kitchen Shoppe and Cooking School
For amateur chefs and all food lovers, The Kitchen Shoppe and Cooking School provides a light-hearted look at cooking through our entertaining and edu...
Address: 101 Shady Lane

Market Salamander - Middleburg
Improve your skills and impress your friends! Learn how to create dazzling canapés, appetizers and main courses from our talented chefs. Bring a frien...
Address: 200 West Washington Street

Torte Knox
Thank you for taking time to review all the exciting menu options, special events and cooking classes offered at Torte Knox. To my repeat customers, w...
Address: 301 Main Avenue

Culinary Arts Associate Degree Program
The associate of arts degree in culinary arts prepares individuals to enter or advance in the field of food service management. Students will take cou...
Address: 501 E. 38th St.

Hotel/Restaurant Management
The Hotel and Restaurant Management - Food Service program is designed to prepare the graduate for employment in an entry level food service managemen...
Address: 340 DeKalb Pike

Nutrition-Dietetics and Food in Business
The Nutrition-Dietetics and Foods in Business majors are designed to prepare you for careers in the nutrition and food industries. Nutrition-Dietetics...
Address: 1145 King Road

Foodservice Management
This career program is designed to provide students with the skills demanded by a management position in the restaurant and foodservice divisions of t...
Address: 4525 Education Park Dr.,

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