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Any chef, cook, and food preparation worker will have to prepare, flavor, and cook any kind of food, including soups, snacks, salads, main dishes, side dishes and desserts in some food establishment.

However, chefs and cooks follow a recipe using culinary equipment, they are also in charge of direct other workers activities in the kitchen estimating food necessities and controlling the ordering supplies.

Generally, bigger food service establishments with different menus varieties must have numerous chefs and cooks, often known as assistant or line cooks. There are also, executive chefs and head cooks, who are responsible of organization and direction of the kitchen including the staff and meals.

Lastly, most cooks' responsibilities are setting according to different aspects, commonly the institution politics, some limitations, types of orders, service food classification, and many more.

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Cooking Career Specialties
Culinary Jobs
Continuing Cooking Education
 Cooking Career Specialties
They are the different fields into culinary industry, each specialty is in charge of an specific area of production in the kitchen.
 Types of Culinary Jobs
There are many specialties in culinary field through which culinary workers will expose their creations, talents and originality.
 Continuing Cooking Education
It is an important step for being a great chef, that is why chefs find courses and programs to improve their knowledge.
Cooking Organization
Becoming Chef
 Culinary Organizations
These organizations strive to promote and support the integrity of the profession, workers, students and applicants of cooking schools.
 Becoming a Chef
It can take years but chefs are highly skilled and inventive cooks that they can turn a delicious meal into an artistic presentation.