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Pikes Peak Community College (Culinary Arts program)

Associate of Applied Science Degree

Recommended basic skills standards are

AAA 090

ENG 060

MAT 030

REA 090

Culinary Arts continues to be one of the fastest growing career fields in the world. The culinary profession is a field different from most others, as it demands unusual circumstances and lengthy hours. The traits necessary to become a Culinarian are dedication, endurance and ambition. Upon completion, the student will be able to work in a professional establishment as a second cook or station supervisor.

The AAS Degree Program focuses on every aspect of working in a professional kitchen. Students will be trained in the following areas of study; basic food prep, sanitation, nutrition, supervision, baking, catering, wines and spirits, garde manger (cold kitchen), purchasing, and soups, sauces, and consommés. Students will also be required to complete an on the job internship prior to graduation.

Once a student completes the AAS Culinary Arts Program, they can apply for certification with the American Culinary Federation as becoming a Certified Cook (CC). Students must be Junior Members of the ACF at the time of graduation. The Culinary Program encourages the students to receive certification due to the increase of positions in the United States that require an individual to be certified to work in different professional establishments.

Students entering this course of study will be required to have completed, or demonstrated proficiency equivalent to the completion of ENG 060; MAT 030, and REA 090. Students must see a faculty advisor before registering for this program.

This program is designed for students who seek employment as a journeyman cook, station cook, or entry level cook in a professional establishment. Students will develop skills and understanding of line cookery, basic baking, saucier station, production, nutrition, sanitation, menu planning, cold food production, and entree preparation. Examinations will be given throughout the program. Please contact a faculty advisor before registering for courses.

School name:Pikes Peak Community CollegeCulinary Arts program
Address:5675 S. Academy Blvd
Zip & city:CO 80906 Colorado
Phone:(800) 456-6847

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