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Culinary Internships

Culinary Internships

Many organizations offer internships programs, but not all of them have what you are looking for. If this is you case, it is possible to create a specialized internship program in an organization that does not have it.

The most important is to get the acceptance, so communicate yourself with the master of the organization and express him/her your abilities, achievements, areas of interest, motivation and terms to the organization. It is important the personal contact, so be professional and polite when you are speaking to any company.

With an internship you will get experience, not only in the academic field, but also you will complement your knowledge in both practical and theory experience. As a challenge, you will have to improve your responsibility and duties in the field of your interest.

There are many cooking schools that place students in internships, like restaurants, hotels, cruise lines, bars, resorts, etc. as a wait staff, catering staff, bar staff, kitchen staff.

Commonly, students, in order to be eligible to get an internship, obtain an academic credit. Also, some sponsored organizations receive students as interns giving to them a credit from their home institution.

Also, it is not necessary usual for a cooking school to place you, some organization offer free internship because they want to help students and it is its intention with no need of arrangements with institutions.

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