Culinary School Ranking

Schools Ranking

A Cooking school is the place where people interested in cooking can learn this type of art. Because of this field is growing, many people is choosing for culinary arts due to the opportunities and job is also growing.

Therefore, this career requires aptness and innovation learned by training and education, that is why the Cooking school has to prove to be really useful to help the students preparing them for their future in different types of cuisines.

In order to be the best Culinary School, they offer the qualified job placement, practical sessions, food operations, instructors, and credentials providing recognized certifications respected all around the world.

Now, are you wondering, what is the best? You will look all over the internet and will find different kinds of qualifications; some are based on the instructors, some others on the food service operations, many of them on the kind of certification, or some could be ranked by the fees.

However, you can verify the rankings and ratings of cooking schools from bulletins such as the Princeton Review, U.S News, etc in the US or from World Report.

1 The Culinary Institute of America
2 The French Culinary Institute of New York City
3 Ottawa Culinary Arts Institute
4 Johnson & Wales University
5 New England Culinary Institute
6 California Culinary Academy
7 L'Academie de Cuisine
8 Tante Marie's Cooking School
9 Kendall College
10 George Brown Chef School

In addition, we do have a contribution and conclusion from the students themselves, because it is based on their own votes:

Student Rank
 Student's Culinary School Ranking
It shows information about the most prestigious culinary schools in base of students' opinion which offers better references about schools.