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Culinary Job Outlook

Chef looking for job

Relax yourself. Nowadays chefs, cooks, and food preparation workers have been increased due to most of the restaurants are getting bigger with more customers and people around. However, the competition will be also bigger, this will the time when your abilities and knowledge will have to be demonstrated.

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 Benefits and chances:

      Many places have a strong economy with more disposable income.

      Actually, more people are spending more money on eating out.

      Even though is becoming harder to find the right chefs for a specific position into the restaurant.

      International and domestic tourism have been increased through the years.

      The Department of Labour has established that the demand for chefs is higher than last past years, more than 11%.

      Many governments are encouraging skilled chefs from overseas to work in other countries.

      Around the world, international visitors are going all over the globe increasing in 5% the tourism in 2011.

      Cafe and restaurant areas are expected to grow 2.5% with the number of their employees in 2010.

      Longer vacations with more time in hotel stays and restaurant visits.

      Higher-skilled chefs and cooks offering more varied menus.

      According to the type of food worker, the expectations of growing depend on the occupation.

      Many schools, offices and hospitals are increasing their contacts with food services, in order to make happier their students, workers and patients.

 Industry statistics:

      Have you been thinking about start a culinary career? If so, this is just the right time for your dreams, because the restaurant industry is prospering.

      According to both, the National Restaurant Association (NRA) and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS); the number of the restaurant industry employs is around 13.1 million people, and it will be keep growing over the next decade.
Culinary Jobs Statistics