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Culinary Salaries

If you are looking for a new job, then perhaps you should consider the field of culinary arts. If you work hard, gain plenty of education and take criticism, you can really excel in certain cooking jobs.

Education and Culinary Jobs

If you are interested in a career change or beginning another career, then perhaps you should consider a cooking job. A job in culinary arts can command a fairly high culinary salary, especially if you gain plenty of education and have a talent for cooking. If you are interested in a high cooking salary, then you should attempt to go to a world renowned school that can provide you with an excellent education. At these schools, the professors can prepare you for culinary jobs that command a high cooking salary. These particular schools can also help guide you to the jobs that will pay the most in the culinary field.

Other Factors that Can Raise Your Salary

You can also remember to market the place that you work at, to make sure more people try out your food. If the restaurant is packed or everyone loves your catering service, then more people will recommend your services to others. You can then go to management and request a larger salary.

Using an Application Guide

If you want information about an application guide, such as where you can find information about the best companies to work for, then you may want to go to application guide website. On this site, they can give you information about how to write a very strong resume and the best companies to work for. After using this guide, you can find employers that pay higher than other employers.

Developing a Strong Resume

When applying for these particular positions, you will want to make sure to highly your experience very well. They have some resume templates available, which can really help you out in this particular job market. There is also information about how to construct the best cover letter available on this website. On this site, they will let you know what information to include pertaining to your job experience. After using the templates available on this site, your resume will stand out to many recruiters and employers.

Using a Salary Calculator

If you want to know the average salary of certain culinary jobs, such as cooks, dishwashers, waiters or managers, then you may want to use a salary calculator tool. On this website, the salary calculator tool can help you decide what most people make at this profession. You can also search by state, since the salary can depend on not only what area in culinary arts that you pursue but also the state you live in. This particular site is very user friendly and the calculator can really be a wonderful guide to salary information about cooking jobs.

If you are looking for a quality cooking job, then there are many out there for you. If you check out Job Application Guide and Salary Calculator Tool Websites, you will find a job that commands a high culinary salary that you will love.

Salaries per Programs

Programs Per hour Per year
Culinary Arts $10.00 to $20.00 $60.000
Career Diploma Summary $13.40 to $20.03 $96,000
Associate Degree $5.50 to $6.00 $30,680
Bachelor of Culinary Arts $5.80 to $6.70 $31,000
Advanced Culinary Arts $5.00 to $8.00 $42,182
Professional chef $8.28 to $26.75 $102,000
Pastry and Baking $11.00 to $15.00 $65,000
Pastry chef $5.90 to $6.90 $35,000
Professional Pastry and baking diploma $12.04 to $15.80 $80,000
Pastry Arts: Career Diploma Description $5.00 to $5.50 $21,000
International Baking Associate’s $13.06 to $15.70 $67,000
Bachelor of Baking and Pastry Arts $8.30 to $10.90 $45,000
Baking and Pastry Arts Associate’s $5.05 to $7.80 $34,410
Professional Baker $5.00 to $5.58 $21,330
Restaurant Management and Catering $11.00 to $15.00 $65,000
Restaurant Management Diploma $5.10 to $6.60 $36,910
Restaurant manager Bachelor $10.00 to $20.00 $60,000
Baking and restaurant management $6.50 to $8.80 $35,000
Hotel and Restaurant Management Diploma $7.65 to $9.90 $40,539
Bachelor of Science in Hotel Restaurants Management $11.48 to $14.08 $75,877
Hospitality Management $13.00 to $18.00 $70,000
Food Service Manager $7.53 to $9.00 $39,610
Bachelor of Food Service Management $7.00 to $8.20 $38,550
Professional Catering $4.53 to $7.59 $39,610
Catering and Gourmet cooking $8.65 to $10.90 $42,925
Culinary Essentials $9.00 to $11.00 $60,000
Nutrition Science $14.36 to $32.85 $138,000
Comercial Cooking $10.00 to $20.00 $60.000
Culinary Management $13.80 to $18.00 $60.000
Food and Beverage Management $7.83 to $8.95 $41,000

 Salaries per Job Title:

Job title Annual earnings
Hotel Manager $64,926 - 119,094
Executive Chef $55,976 - 85,328
Food Scientist $48,289 - 73,410
Executive Pastry Chef $45,610 - 68,326
Restaurant Manager $36,778 - 53,916
Sous Chef $31,977 - 49,745
Cooking Assistant $23,096 - 28,862
Line Cook $19,280 - 25,229

 Salaries per Occupations:

Occupations title Median hourly Mean hourly Mean annual
Chefs and Head Cooks $17.87 $19.57 $40,700
Managers of Food Preparation and Serving Workers $13.48 $14.39 $29,930
Private Household Cooks $11.67 $13.59 $28,260
Bartenders $8.22 $9.49 $19,740
Institution and Cafeteria Cooks $10.26 $10.74 $22,340
Restaurant Cooks $10.20 $10.56 $21,960
Non-Restaurant Food Servers $9.06 $9.93 $20,660
Short Order Cooks $8.96 $9.41 $19,580
Food Preparation Workers $8.73 $9.30 $19,350
Fast Food Cooks $7.75 $8.11 $16,860
Food Preparation, Serving Workers and Fast Food Cook $7.57 $8.03 $16,700
All Other Cooks $10.64 $11.62 $24,170
All Other Food Preparation and Serving Related Workers $8.93 $9.83 $20,450