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Cooking Tools

Culinay Utensils

In order to increase your efficiency in the kitchen and to get those right al dente preparations there are some basic utensils that there must be in a chef kitchen.

Cooking tools
 10+ Cooking Tools
These are the best ten Cooking Tools which must not lack in kitchen because culinary professionals need them to prepare dishes.
Another great tool related with nutrition facts is give you information about the nutrients most critical in the diet: vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, sugar and many others.

There are some little details that a Chef must consider before start cooking. Here there are some easy and small things any Chef can do every time to get better with more professional results.

 10+ Improvement Tools:

     Feel confident with the chef's knife and get control of it putting your thumb into the side of the blade and above the handle.

     Try to use the best ingredients only comparing them and ensuring this little detail guarantee the excellence of your food.

     Use your hands because they are sensitive enough to give a more sophisticated result than any cooking tool, all is about paying attention.

     Utilize kosher salt in order to give a better flavor to your foods and do not put too much o too little, just the sufficient.

     Do not fill the pan just the enough quantity to avoid lower the temperature of the pan; besides, make sure the pan is hot.

     Decrease quantity of liquids focusing the flavor especially with vegetables and meat liquids that are used to prepare some other new dishes.

     Take your time when baking crusts because many pastry doughs get a better color and taste when are for a longer time inside the oven.

     Let rest roasted meats to avoid the meat get dry without its own juices.

     Aggregate a bit of acid like vinegar or some citrus juice to enhance the flavor of any vegetable or meat dish or fruit dessert.

     Trust yourself and feel confident if you are cooking forever or for the first time, remember that you are the extra ingredient and not always will be the same exactly result.